Affordable Art Fair 2016 | Superstudio Più, Via Tortona, 27 – Milano.

Circle, curated by M. Corbetta.
Artists: Lucas Beaufort, Elisa Bertaglia, Michela Picchi and Pure Evil.
Date: 16th March 2016/20th March 2016.
Opening: Wednesday, 16th March 2016 @6 PM.

During the Affordable Art Fair in Milan, Circle is a group show with Lucas Beaufort, Elisa Bertaglia, Pure Evil and Michela Picchi. Illustrations, paintings, prints and silk screen printings in a grounded stand to suggest the right way to approach contemporary art. At the same time Italian and foreign artists completely different.

Beaufort shows pieces from the Recover project. The project was born in 2013 and is a project which thanks to the success of covers from publications such as Kingpin, Onboard, Sidewalk, Skateboarder, Skateboarding, The Skateboard Mag, Sugar e Thrasher, is a compendium of his most famous works in a limited edition of 430 copies.  Beaufort’s monsters invade magazine covers. Colorful and gaudy they contaminate the photographs and they win the scene over alongside top international skaters. These athletes share their cover stories with mysterious entities which can be fans or spectators while some monsters attempt to “dethrone” the protagonist.

Bertaglia presents the second collection of Golden reveries, small paintings made with oil, charcoal and graphite on paper. The poetics is based on fantasy, dreamlike and oneiric themes. The metaphor of Bertaglia’s art works is the change from the childhood to the teens, through the graphic representation of little girls painted in a swimsuit during the plunge action. She wants to express this figure of speech. There are also animals such as herons, wolves and snakes to complete the scene.

To understand a bit about Pure Evil it is illuminating to know that he is a descendant of Sir Thomas More, the Lord Chancellor who wrote the controversial work Utopia and who was later beheaded by King Henry VIII. With this busy background (Sir Thomas was later canonized) it is only natural that pure evil should explore the darker side of the wreckage of Utopian dreams and the myth of the Apocalypse, a belief in the life-changing event that brings history with all its conflicts to an end. In 1990 pure evil left the ruins of Thatcher’s Britain for a new life on the West Coast, California. After 10 years in California, influenced heavily by West Coast Graffiti artists like Twist and Reminesce he returned to London, picked up a spray can and started painting weird fanged PURE EVIL bunny rabbits everywhere. Pure evil fell in with the people behind Banksy’s Santas Ghetto and started producing prints for Pictures on wall.

Picchi exhibits lots of the best art works from the serie made for Tigre contro Tigre, her first solo show in Italy, and one new screen-printing. Picchi is a good graphic artist and now she wants to re-propose the illustrations again under our vision. Unreal subject and object in a turquoise background tell about fantasy and oneiric Picchi’s world. Pop culture is the base of Picchi’s sketches and colours, but it doesn’t represent Picchi’s theme.