Curated by Martina Corbetta

Via Lambro, 1. Monza

Artists: Solomostry
Date: September 19th/25th, 2019
Opening: Thursday, September 15th, 2019 @6PM

Solomostry_Entry, 2018. Mixed on canvas. 180×150 cm

We can say that Solomostry is a multifaceted artist who ranges from screen printing to muralism, from painting to installation, and it is due to his eclecticism and thanks to bumping into the techno clubbing realities present in the Lombard capital that around 2007 he moves away from graffiti and shapes his new subjects: the Monsters.

Solomostry’s research is characterised by a fragmented line which models geometric expressive figures, revealing aggressive emotions. These are monstrous masks performers of impressions, restlessness, excesses, present in everyday life. The marked outline builds and destroys at the same time. The  strong lines break the surfaces and mark the space in which  bright and flat colors play, now typical of Solomostry.

Countdown is the name given to the project presented by MARTINASGALLERY for MIMUMO. The work, which is composed entirely of three large canvases – entitled respectively Entry, Wholecar and Exit – describe the three fundamental phases of a subversive act in the street, represents the three absolute moments of the creative and instinctive gesture in its purest state.

In the first canvas, Entry, divided into eight sections, we’re told about the artist feelings when he was about to approach the place chosen to complete his piece. The closed fence is placed as an obstacle to overcome, and several monsters that with judgmental air, spy and observe. An orange rectangle crossed by a reflective strip is the line symbolizing the night, danger and urgency.

The central canvas, Wholecar, represents the most concrete act. According to the urban dictionary, Wholecar is the action of coloring entirely a bus, a train or a track. Solomostry, in fact, takes possession of the canvas in its entirety. The space is dedicated solely to his piece.

The third canvas, Exit, represents the last phase of the game. The artist escapes after choosing the place and contaminating it. As a matter of fact, we see the eight divisions overturned into mirrors. Those that in the first painting were straight lines, break and become stormy. At this point the fence is broken and the artist, crossing the obstacle, leaves and escape. One last glance through his curious eyes and goes away.

MARTINASGALLERY in collaboration with MIMUMO presents two of the three canvases: Entry and Exit, in order to share the experience as usual for the artist as more curious and discussed for the most common users.