Giuliano Giuliani, Anna Turina and Fabio Weik

Date: October 1st, 2016/October 31st, 2016
Opening: October 1st, 2016 @6PM

Anna Turina_Code di Balena. Installation view

Diffusione di materia is a project born from an idea of Galleria Giordani.

Giordani family, founder of Graziano Ricami, has always been sensitive about innovation in the haute couture field, offering its resources and assets, especially their knowledge of exclusive embroidery skills, to young creative talents in order to facilitate contaminations of art and design.

The project is made up of a visual narrative path that tells the story of how a haute couture fashion enterprise communicate and work together with renowned international artists. At the Via Savona 43 workspace in Milan, can be found the results of conventional creative processes, that interacting with Graziano Ricami said products, give birth to a wide range or artworks such as installations, paintings, sculptures and more and more design sophistications. The precious embroideries, now transfigurated, contaminates each and every artwork creating a dialogue between fabric and manner. Design and manner are the product. Diffusione di materia more than just a collective artist display also intend to host artist and public to a series of satellite events where they can face each other and engage in stimulant meetings and arguments.

Giuliano Giuliani (Ascoli Piceno, 1954). Sculptor, which main aspect is the manufacturing and refinement of stone, then made visually soft and smooth. Giuliano displays a series of sculptures and bas relief in travertine, that softly talk with Graziano’s marquetries. In the plates, the smooth lines of renowned Missoni’s textures fuses with the hardness of the travertino’s plaques, entirely hand-carved, the matter of the support becomes the Artwork itself and envelop the technique. Particularly interesting is Libreria, this artwork’s support structure has been ripped off the quarry where Giuliano lives and works, and can be noticed the embroidered fabric applications that reminds the travertino’s barely extracted moss.

Anna Turina (Lecco, 1973). Polyhedric artist, specialized in iron manipulation. Anna displays an original installation, created precisely for this exhibition, inspired by Tomasi di Lampedusa’s novel La sirena, also known as Lighea. Code di balena is the title of an artwork series composed by different unique pieces made of weld industrial iron scraps. The crack of the oxyfueled metal foil and the final calendering are the manual processes of the actualization of a sculpture that look, light, and just like a drawing its empties and fillings make its shape.

Fabio Weik (Milan, 1984). Graffiti artist since 1997 and artist. Weik investigate the concept of perception of light’s absence, the synergic relationship and relaxing power of phosphenes for man. Phosphene is an optical phonemenon characterized by the experience of seeing light without light actually entering the eye. Scientific theories suggests its use in medical field to induce relaxation in the patient. For this occasion Weik, introduce unpublished artworks from its Phosphene series, magnetic canvas, created through the use of acids, capture the viewer and interact with Graziano’s fabrics, physically stimulating the visual through reflections and shiny colours. Elegant Silhouettes of backbones and hearts emerge from the surface onto white leather of 3D embroideries that reminds digital fingerprints. An inward-looking journey that is, at the same time a scientifical visual register that transfigurates the man’s anatomical parts and the feelings of the physycal relaxation in the darkness.