Federico Tosi – Milan, 1988

Federico Tosi completed his studies at Brera Academy in Milan. He has an obsession for different techniques, materials and details. He can take up to three years to create his works, so time is a significant variable in his productions.

Despite having spent a serene childhood, Tosi is able to create dark and lively atmospheres. The modus operandi of the young artist by a camparison mechanism to linguistics is characterized by the rhetorical figure of speech oxymoron. Combining different objects, often divergent in form and content, the artist creates an inevitable and positive tension. Featuring a high degree of absurdity, his works are subject to a process of continuous construction and destruction of the matter. The artist swings between doing and overthrowing, to the realization of sculptures that become a conjunctions of contradictions, open to free interpretation.

Federico Tosi
Untitled, 2017
Pencil pen on paper