Giacomo Morelli – Como, 1995

Morelli studied at Liceo Artistico Preziosissimo Sangue in Monza, and he currently attends the Brera Academy in Milan.

The artist is fascinated by the nature, by the creation… by the world.

Morelli observes live elements like plants, flowers, mosses and inorganic materials like minerals, rocks, stones, caves, sand. He looks at outside weather too, like sun, rain, wind, and so forth. And therefore earth, planets, constellations and space. His research starts clearly from a careful observation on nature – to which he is very keen on from his childhood – on the men’s thought, and on the imagination and symbolism that the nature brings with it.

Morelli is very curious about the old relationship between Man and Nature, and about the continuous change century after century, culture after culture. Millennium after millenium like a flux. So, starting from this hinge point, the Morelli’s poetics goes to new view and scenarios.

Solo Exhibition: Silent Rain, AnimaMinimaContemporanea, Triuggio (Monza Brianza, Italy) 2018.