History happens, curated by M. Corbetta
From September 2018 to October 21st 2018

Giacomo Morelli, student of the Academy of Belle Arti di Brera – Milan – exhibits a cycle of sculptures, fruit of a young artistic research, but visually tempered by a recognizable character. We can introduce the figure of Morelli suggesting that his attention to nature is the basis of his poetically minimal and intellectual art, in which the artificial modulates natural forms in abstract, but still identifiable.

The common denominator of Morelli‘s works is the strong sensitivity and tension towards nature that irrationally attracts his reflection and his application. The unpublished History happens series consists of sculptures made of concrete from which inverted roots are born that centralize at the same time formal dissonance and effective junction.

From the sphere of Greek Art, which for the most part codified most of the subsequent art, in particular the classical one, we note that the static block of Morelli‘s sculptures spontaneously recalls the lower supporting element. With no need for worship, the roots that are merely recovered are erected – like busts or statues. If nature teaches that we can not command it, Morelli listens and limits hisself to the formal selection and, like ruins found, assembles the earth’s stump to the concrete boulder so spontaneously that it makes the image real. Therefore conservative of the classical Greek, Morelli refers to the compositional harmony of the past, but contextualizing the unification in a completely contemporary way.

To conclude, the micaceous pigment used alters the surface of the roots and translates what is natural into artificial, thus dropping the viewer into a tangle of emotions and suggestions. The careful colors do not neglect the character of nature, amplify it and give back a pleasant dream vision. The root position is also adulterated. No longer something that comes from the fertile and prolific soil, but something that comes out of the unproductive and barren concrete. History Happens, in fulfillment, shows that part of hidden nature, as if to reveal its deepest intimacy.