Artist: Alberto Monti
Title: “Instinct”
Curated by: M. Corbetta
Date: June 12nd, 2015/June 18th, 2015
Opening: June 12nd, 2015 @6PM

Instinct is the first solo exhibition by Alberto Monti. He was born in 1987 and he studied at NABA in Milan. After years of “sketches”, he showed his art works to the curator M. Corbetta who decided to hold an exhibition with him.

Monti tells his truth. His works, generated from his instinct, are incisive and efficient and in spite of being so young. Chaos and tension dominate the space. The delirious gestural expressiveness and the vivid colour catch the eyes of the viewer, catalyzing the attention on the verge of schizophrenia.
The sign is a personal investigation.

The form is a memory of that art, which shows both a powerful religious connotation and a remarkable spiritualism typical of African art. At the beginning of the XX century African art leaves its conceptions upsetting the origin. The artists give space to stroke, form and volume.

Monti’s art works look at the principles of the Avant-gard twisting the image, thus keeping the meaning of primitive Africa. He has known every African details, since his grandmother, who is a lover and an explorer of this territory, told him perpetual stories about primitive art.
The artist approaches nature and he is like a witness to waste and pollution. Nature is unable to contrast this negativity, but the human being is! Monti is both an actor and a bystander. His actions involve wastefulness of paper and markers. Is this use or abuse? Can we consider this way of making art “excessiveness”?