Michela Picchi – Rome, 1988

Michela Picchi is a multi-disciplinary Italian artist based in Berlin.

She is a cross-disciplinary artist who has chosen Berlin as her headquarters. From her German base, she produces creative ideas for magazines and brands belonging to multiple sectors – always with her own very  personal approach, which draws inspiration from collage and visual illustrations and adds a remarkable sophisticated twist.

Vision is the theme behind Picchi‘s work, who creates a completely personal universe. A pop, colourful and unprecedented world that reflects her eclectic personality. Tribal and fantastic subjects such as tigers, small women or visual patterns recur in the microcosm vision of Picchi, characterized by an unmistakable palette of brilliant and impressive colors: white, black, pink, red, ivory, yellow gold and turquoise.

Her images that combine fantastic visions and everyday life, with a pop art style, make her language straightforward and distinctly recognizable.

Michela Picchi
Tiger Loop, 2015
Fine art Epson print ultra chrome k3 vivid magenta on paper 330g_m2 high gloss
A4, A3, A2, A1