SET UP ART FAIR_Autostazione, Piazza XX Settembre, 6. Bologna

Nei luoghi dell’essere. A doppio senso, curated by Martina Corbetta
Artists: Lucas Beaufort; Elisa Bertaglia; Fabio Dartizio
Date: January 22nd, 2015/January 25th, 2015
Opening: Thursday, January 22nd, 2015 @7.00 PM

Eracle Dartizio_Aphorism, 2014. Ecosolvent Inkjet printing on film policlear, technical pen on amatruda paper, tulipier frame, paint. 25×20 cm

Lucas Beaufort, Elisa Bertaglia and Fabio Dartizio are the protagonists of the project Nei luoghi dell’essere. A doppio senso.
Instinctively the theme of the journey is common and easy, but there is a deep complex and extraordinary meaning. “The trip is something unique and unrepeatable like life”. The trip is everywhere you go, the difference is the ability to live and the sensitivity to receiving emotions. Nei luoghi dell’essere. A doppio senso is a path into myself, in my “way of being” in my spontaneous and natural ability to “live” and my spiritual “conception of being”.

Beaufort is an actor in the street art scene. His research consists in an elaboration of skateboarding and snowboarding magazine covers. He inserts friendly little coloured monsters on the pics taken by professional photographers of the best athletes in the world. So, the skaters share their cover with surreal entities!  The art works give the flavour which only painting can do. His ironic and easy poetry is an artistic demonstration of today.

Bertaglia encloses with her art what I feel for the aesthetic sense. The tradition wisely learnt is reinterpreted with personality. She translates great feelings with few gestures. She is intellectually present and she paints rediscovering images from the memory.The oil technique reminds people the intellectual intensity of colour. It is a prove that good painting is reassuring. The scene becomes reality with class and elegance, the subtlety is the aesthetics.

Dartizio, the magician of thoughts. His aphorisms are contagious, funny and intense. These are vigorous and acute. The viewer reads with pleasure and approaches his aphorisms to people, moments and things… which everyone would think or write. The calligraphic writing is dominated by a pictorial writing, but the viewer spontaneously reads the words, and then looks at the painting. Calligraphy is the decipherable expression of the meaning, while painting leaves a clearer decoding of the sentence.