THE OTHERS ART FAIR_Ex Carcere Le Nuove, Via Paolo Borsellino, 3. Torino

Naturalized, curated by Martina Corbetta
Artists: Elisa Bertaglia; Ryan Contratista; Monia Ben Hamouda; Francesca Manetta
Date: 6th November 2014/9th November 2014
Opening: Thursday, 6th November 2014 @6.30 PM

Naturalized is the project curated by M. Corbetta. The protagonists are: Elisa Bertaglia, Ryan Contratista & Monia ben Hamouda and Francesca Manetta.
During The Others Art Fair 2014, the idea is to create a project room based on the nature. The Wild Side is the suggest by the direction of the fair and Naturalized is the development of the theme.

Paintings, pictures and installations are in a 15 square meters jail to show the different ways to do art. Three techniques, three generations and one theme: nature. Artists were asked to think , consider, meditate and create. The only condition was to make art works in a positive sense. This project wants to reach the viewers and convey them into an artificial dimension.
Nothing to fear.