THE OTHERS ART FAIR_Ex Carcere Le Nuove, Via Paolo Borsellino, 3. Torino

Freedom, curated by Martina Corbetta
Artists: Lucas Beaufort; Elisa Bertaglia; Michela Picchi
Date: November 5th, 2015/November 8th, 2015
Opening: Friday, November 5th, 2015 @9.00 PM

Elisa Bertaglia_Golden Reveries, 2015. Oil, charcoal and graphite on paper. 21×15 cm

Freedom is the title of the project. Lucas Beaufort, Michela Picchi and Elisa Bertaglia are the artists. Three different kinds of art – photos, paintings, and illustrations – to the same space: a small cell of the ex female jail (Le Nuove) in Turin.

Golden reveries is the new series of paintings and drawings on paper created by Elisa Bertaglia. The French word reveries comes from the root reve which is dream. This is the overall definition. According to the definition of the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard who is the author of The Poetics of Reverie, 1960, fantasy is the base of reverie, and this theme has to be always both poetical and lyric. In Golden reveries serie the dream language develops from archetypal images of reveries in order to create using the memory. The archetype is the origin of a new mythology. People, animals and landscapes are part of an equally essential vocabulary. The concept of metamorphosis is symbolically expressed through the representation of slender prepubescent girls, dressed like little swimmers, portrayed balanced or suspended in a space, They are fixed in the instant of the plunge which symbolical changes from one state to another. The idea is the ​​growing from childhood to adulthood. The observer in front of Golden reveries paintings sees unexplored nature, silent figures of herons and wolves, spilled horizon, celestial rocks and contrasting geometric shapes.

From gentle Bertaglia’s paintings to the determined Picchi’s illustrations. The observer is attracted by exuberant images. Extravagant research and bright colour spread in a full background. Subjects fluctuate in imaginary spaces and scenes. Picchi finds inspiration in every journeys and in the different cultures. She wants to strip everything new and shows this in her dynamic and radical art works. She tells her story through her sign. The turquoise colour is now recognizable and the viewer immediately says”this is a Picchi’s piece! This colours is the resul of an experience in Hong Kong in 2014. In an important interview, Milton Glaser – American designer and illustrator, famous for the logo “I love NY” and the poster of Bob Dylan in ’66 -, speaks about the contamination and influences that people may have to others. According to Gestalt therapy – made by Fritz Perls – the combination between two subjects can be healthy or toxic for this reason people have to be responsible of their actions and feelings without input from other people. In Picchi’s head the concepts are clear and one of her slogans is: live deeply and fear less.  The design gives life to strange unreal subjects. The banana, pop symbol for excellence by Andy Warhol; the brush which creates the universe; the girl with a tiger mask, or wrapped in snakes; the circles where the viewer can play in the dimension. Picchi’s world is our world.

Last but not the least, the spectator meets Lucas Beaufort. He is a French artist. Rue James Grant Milne is the street where he grew up and the place of a child with a bright mind. It is the setting where monsters, figments of surreal imagination came alive in a chimerical and illusory way. Scared, but at the same time fascinated by Sam Raimi’s horrors films, Beaufort is the director of his own imagination. He is tormented by creatures that live in his mind and through slim, continuous lines he fulfils his desire and need to create his monsters. The essence of the figures goes beyond the illusion and becomes real. Rue James Grant Milne isn’t only an artistic inspiration, it is the street where his biggest passion was born: skateboarding. Beaufort’s monsters invade magazine covers. Colourful and gaudy they contaminate the photographs and they win the scene over alongside top international skaters. Andrew Reynolds, Arto Saari, Chris Haslam, Geoff Rowley, Jim Greco, Lance Mountain, Mark Gonzales, Nassim Guammaz, Neen Williams, to name a few.